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Country Publication Monthly Page Views Unique Visitors Target Audience
China www.eeworld.com.cn 7,000,000 1.700,000 Electronics System Designers
France www.VIPress.net 35,000 2,500 Presidents, CEOs, Decision Makers
France www.lechodusolaire.fr   3,600 Professionals and decision-makers
Germany www.elektroniket.de 1,000,000 200,000+ Broadbased R & D and Design Engineers
Germany www.energie-und-technik.de 200,000 50,000 CEOs, technical and administration management, developers, purchasers
India www.electronicsforu.com


122,251 Electronics engineers and Designers
Japan www.kumikomi.net 540,000 N/A Embedded Design Engineers
Japan toragi.cqpub.co.jp 150,000 N/A Broadbased Electronics R & D and Design Engineers
South Korea www.epnc.co.kr 60,000 35,000 Broadbased R & D and Design Engineers
South Korea www.embeddedworld.co.kr 40,000 11,000 Embedded Systems Design Engineers
Taiwan www.compotechasia.com
750,000 50,000 Broadbased R & D and Design Engineers